Small Business Spotlight: More Than a Bookstore

Blog Author: Matt Weaver
December 29, 2022

A Muncie Gem: The Book Center

Broadway Avenue has undergone many changes in the past few decades.  Even the name of the street was changed.  One mainstay is Book Center; a thriving family book store, which has sustained multiple generations within the same family.

In big letters on the front windows, the Book Center boasts, “OVER 125,000 BOOKS.”  The store is snuggled between a thriving car dealership and a local Richard’s restaurant that recently decided to close its doors, due to the shift in neighborhoods.

Brian Swhier; the current owner of the Book Center, is passionate about keeping his father’s legend alive.  Brian recalls working on this family business with many of his siblings as his father was determined to help the community learn and imagine. 

Brian recently lost his father in 2020 but remains vigilant and armed with his father’s vision.  He recalls many books that have been read and returned, due to a book trade-in program developed by The Book Center to make certain that low budget families would have means to read.  Some of the books are marked as Broadway Avenue; a change that happened in 2005 and continue to be read and reused by neighboring families.  It’s not uncommon for a child to grab a book that has been read by their parents when they were young. 

Brian is thankful for PrimeTrust who has partnered with him and allowed him to continue to renovate The Book Center to maintain its presence in this fading neighborhood.  He has faith in Muncie and faith in his neighborhood and knows it’s just a matter of time before his neighborhood receives a revitalization.  Brian will be on the forefront of developing a stronger community.

Interested in listening to Brian convey his vision and passion for the Book Store?  Listen to our PrimeCast where Brian is our special guest.

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