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Visa® Balance Transfer

Store credit cards and many others have rates that creep upward and fees that add up, too.  But PrimeTrust has a way to save you money quickly!

Transfer your higher-rate balances to your PrimeTrust Visa® Credit Card with no balance transfer fee. 

• Fixed APR as low as 9.9%
• No balance transfer or cash advance fees

Call 765-289-2148 or download a printable application that can be completed and returned to a PrimeTrust branch.

As of January 2023, the APR is 12.9% on Visa® Classic, 10.9% APR on Visa Gold, and 9.9% APR on Visa® Platinum. APR may be subject to a credit check.  Terms are subject to change without notice.

A Credit Card That Fits Your Lifestyle

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PrimeTrust Visa Debit Card Rewards: 1-877-943-7937 
PrimeTrust Platinum Visa Credit Card Rewards: 1-888-634-6318

PrimeTrust Platinum Visa Credit Card
Platinum Visa®
Credit Card

9.9% APR*

Earn Rewards Points with every purchase. 

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Visa® benefits
PrimeTrust Gold Visa ® Credit Card
Gold Visa®
Credit Card

10.9% APR*

get a Cash-Back bonus on big ticket items! 

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Visa® benefits
PrimeTrust Classic Visa Credit Card
Classic Visa®
Credit Card

12.9% APR*

Free Cash Advances and Balance Transfers.

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Visa® benefits
launch rocket credit card
launch Visa®
credit card

10.99% APR*

Build credit with a secured  Credit card

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PrimeTrust debit card

Primetrust Visa®
Debit Card


Hassle-free access to your money.

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Gold cash back credit card

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