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GreenPath Financial Wellness

Live Life Financially Well.

No matter your age or stage in life, your financial freedom and success is our top priority.
That’s why all members at PrimeTrust Federal Credit Union are eligible to receive free, personalized financial counseling through the GreenPath program.  You can request a confidential session by calling GreenPath(Opens in a new Window) toll-free at (877) 337-3399.

Counseling sessions are conducted over the phone and tailored to your financial concerns.  Trained, experienced GreenPath certified financial counselors are available to help members work through a variety of complex financial issues, including eliminating credit card debt, managing student loans, avoiding foreclosure, and preparing for – or recovering from – bankruptcy proceedings.

There is no limit on the number of sessions you can complete.  In addition to hands-on advice, your Greenpath counselor will also provide you with helpful financial tools – like a budget sheet or detailed action plan.

There is no charge to you for Greenpath counseling – it’s your chance to receive impartial, personalized advice from an experienced, professional financial counselor who will treat you with respect, and one more great reason to be a member of PrimeTrust!
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