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Share Certificates are an important part of a diversified savings portfolio, offering a risk-free, guaranteed investment that helps your money safely grow.

Share Certificates provide the best of both worlds.  You receive the security that comes from a fixed-rate, fixed-term, guaranteed investment.  Plus the earning power of high-dividend yields that outperform traditional checking, savings, and money market accounts.

PrimeTrust offers competitive fixed rates with a variety of maturity periods – anywhere from 6 months to five years.  So you can mix and match Share Certificate terms to maximize the yield of your savings portfolio.

Certificate Features
  • Flexible terms available – from 6 to 60 months
  • No-risk, guaranteed investment with a fixed dividend rate
  • No monthly service or origination fees
  • $1,000 minimum opening balance
  • Funds are insured
  • Penalty for early withdrawal may apply

To open a Share Certificate, simply use the PTF EzApp. It's fast, easy-to-use, and available anytime, from any connected device. 

Contact the PrimeTrust team to learn more.

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