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Welcome MFCU Members

•Muncie Federal Credit Union•

Our Welcome Packet contains important information you need to know for the account conversion on May 20 and beyond!

Includes preparation checklist, FAQ's, online banking information, agreements/disclosures, and more!


Your debit cards may decline signature transactions on Monday May 20th.  PIN transactions will work until 11 AM on May 21st. Starting Monday morning, please use PIN or activate your new PrimeTrust card.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions

Your old MFCU routing number and account number will still work after the migration to give you ample time to make your adjustments.

On, or after, May 20th you should change your routing number on your ACH transactions (direct deposit/withdrawals) information as soon as you are able. You will have an updated account number that will be needed with the routing number change. This will be available beginning May 20th.
Your current checks you are using will continue to work after May 20th, as we are not looking to turn the MFCU routing number off for a year. If you need to order checks please return to the Wheeling branch and they will help you with your check order.
You will need to set it up under the PrimeTrust mobile app bill pay (instructions available in the Welcome Packet). One-time arrangements may need to be made if the payment is close to that date. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We will be answering any other questions that come in on this page of our website. Please check it periodically for additional information.

We are so excited to continue to serve you! We are equally as excited for you to be able to fully enjoy the benefits of being a PrimeTrust member!
The bill pay service cutoff date is May 15. All payments should be scheduled to be sent by this date.
Beginning on May 20th, when you activate your PrimeTrust debit card you will automatically become part of the our Alliance One network of ATMs. This will replace MFCU's CO-OP Network.

Please visit https://www.primetrustcu.com/locations to find an available ATM near you. In addition to the the convenience of being part of the network, PrimeTrust members also are allotted 4 foreign (out of network) ATM transactions each month.

No, Shared Branching will not be available on Saturday, May 18th.
Yes, you will need your 10-digit account number to set up online banking. This number will either begin with 44000XXXXX or 4400000XXXX.

As a reminder, your account number will change, but only once. Here's a simple way to understand the change:
  • All account numbers will be 10 digits
  • The first two digits will be 44
  • The important part, the last four or five digits, will stay the same as you have now.
  • Any unused (middle) digits will be filled with zeroes to make 10 digits.
For example, if your old account number was 12345, your new account number would be 4400012345. Another example, if your old account number was 4321, your new account number would be 4400004321.

Please contact us at (765) 289-2148 for any questions concerning your account number.

Effective Nov. 1, 2023

MFCU Merges with PrimeTrust

Creating a Stronger Financial Partner for Our Community

Need Support with a Smile?

Call or text:  765-289-2148

Email: info@primetrustcu.com

Your Story Matters Here