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In 1935, when credit unions were helping Americans through the Great Depression, the treasurer of a Midwestern credit union said that credit unions were "not for profit, not for charity, but for service," and that philosophy holds true today.

Credit unions continue to look out for their members' interests and provide a level of service that is not generally available at other financial institutions. Whether it's providing a loan to help a member cover unexpected medical bills, giving financial counseling to a member whose company closed its doors, or simply offering a better deal on a used car loan, credit unions make a difference for their members and the communities they serve.

The National Cooperative Business Association developed seven cooperative principles, which were adopted in 1995 by the International Cooperative Alliance. The principles are a modified version of the original Rochdale Principles, which were named after the first successful co-op, started in Rochdale, England in the 1840s.

The CUNA Cooperative Alliances Committee expanded on the seven principles in order to more directly reflect credit unions' structure and characteristics, including fields of membership, emphasis on member education, and desire to serve members from all walks of life, including people of modest means.
At PrimeTrust Federal Credit Union, stories matter.

Founded in 1935 by the employees of Warner Gear as WGE Federal Credit Union, PrimeTrust Federal Credit Union was created with the belief that there had to be a better way for people to save and borrow money.

For 80 years, PrimeTrust has been giving its members just that - a place to turn to for all their financial needs; a place that is friendly and treats them with the respect they deserve.

Over the years, we’ve evolved from a credit union whose membership was restricted to Warner Gear employees and their families, to one that now is dedicated to serving anyone who lives, works, worships, or goes to school in Delaware County.

But one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to our members: we’re there to provide the financial foundation to help them meet their goals and dreams.
Board of Directors
  • Chairman: Jason Webber
  • Vice Chairman: David Haney
  • Secretary: Annette Balfour
  • Director: David Baney
  • Director: Leigh Carter Edwards
  • Director: David Cox
  • Director: Joseph O'Connor
Supervisory Committee
  • Frank Baldwin (Supervisory Committee Chair)
  • Gary Demaree
  • Sue Dalton
  • Kari Wissel

Leadership Staff
  • President & CEO: Kim Rattray
  • Senior VP of Finance and Information: Dana Baker
  • VP of Commercial Services: Lorraine Tomlin
  • VP of Lending and Internal Sales: Greg Wilson
  • HR Manager: Tami Tighe
  • Branch Manager: Niccole Mansker
  • System Support Specialist: Jack Welch
  • Marketing Director: Matt Weaver
  • IT and Facilities Manager: Matt Kear
  • Network Administrator: Juan Navas
  • Investment Manager: Nicole Terrell
  • IT Analyst and Help Desk: Tracy Davis 
  • Senior Relationship Manager: Jeremy Allison
  • Consumer Relationship Manager: Toni Price
  • Business Analyst: Cassie Minch
  • Trainer/Assistant Branch Manager: Sarah Price
  • Credit Analysts: Lori Alexander and Rhonda Ogle
  • Cost Accounting Specialist: Kim Furniss
  • Marketing Coordinator: Reenita Keys

Contact the PrimeTrust team to learn more.

Phone: 765-289-2148

Your Story Matters Here

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