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Berenstain Bears Cub Corner 

In the Berenstain Bears Cub Corner, Cub Account members can catch up on all the latest "bear-y" fun events, activities, and contests for kids at PrimeTrust Federal Credit Union.   






Berenstain Bears Games & Activities 

Visit the tree house to feel just like a Berenstain Bear.  The official Berenstain Bears website offers kids an interactive peek into the life of a Cub in Bear Country -- with cool games, puzzles, videos, and many more activities that will provide hours of learning and fun!

Contests & Bonuses

Berenstain Bears' Bonus for June: The Teddy Bear Counting Playbook

When your child deposits $10.00 in their Cub Account during the month of June, they will receive The Teddy Bear Counting Playbook.


Upcoming Bear Events & Appearances

Meet Brother and Sister Bear!  From classroom visits to community events, the Cubs can be spotted all over Muncie and Delaware County.  Click the link below to find out more about their next grrrreat adventure.

Spot the Bears!

Family Fun Activities


Cub Family Activity: An Evening Under the Stars

Sitting outside on a warm evening watching the stars is a great way to spend time with your children. It’s a very relaxing and quiet time to reflect together. The galaxy has always been a wonder and children of all ages never become too tired of learning about our universe.

Pick a nice, warm, and clear night to start your stargazing. Take blankets out to lie on the ground -- some people prefer not to lay flat on the ground, so even reclining lawn chairs will work. Just be sure all of you can look at the sky in an open and clear area without being uncomfortable.

Talk to your children about the different stars and their formations. Point out the ones you know. Look at books before you go out and see if you can find different constellations. Try to find the North Star and even look for the different planets.

Once your children have come to know a bit about our universe, you can start using a telescope. This will bring the stars, planets, moon and constellations closer to them. It will show them that the moon isn’t really made of green cheese as many of them have been told and come to believe.

Talk to your children about all the different things they are seeing. Take the time to look at books and explain to them about all the wonders in the sky. As they continue to grow in the their knowledge they may be able to find shooting stars or even small meteor showers while stargazing.

No matter what extent you go to in enjoying your evening under the stars, make it a family affair. Everyone likes a beautiful night sky, a full moon and even a falling star or two, but doing it together makes it even more enjoyable.


Cub Family Craft: Father's Day Candy Jar

This is so simple, yet so much fun. Kids and dads alike will love it! This idea also works great for grandparents, coaches, teachers, Sunday School teachers, or any other special someone. The sky's the limit!

What You'll Need:

  • Glass hinged-lid jar or canister
  • Glass paint
  • Paint brush
  • Dad's favorite candy


  • The instructions speak for themselves! Let the kids paint on the jar....maybe something like "Private Stock...Dad's Only". Paint a fund designs, fill with Dad's favorite candy, and enjoy!


Cub Cooking: Happy Face Snack


  • Round food, like rice cakes, English Muffins, or Ritz Crackers (this will be the head)
  • A sticky, spreadable for the face, like cream cheese, peanut butter, or honey
  • Edible items to make a happy, sad, or silly face, like small candies, raisins, shredded carrots, black olives, or sunflower seeds


  • Apply your spreadable to the round base and add the edible items of your choice to make a happy, sad, or silly face!


Cub Crack-Ups

Q: I don’t have wings, but I can fly. I don’t have eyes, but I can cry. What am I?
A: A cloud!

Q: What do you call a sleeping dinosaur?
A: A dino-snore!

Q: Why did the teddy bear say no to dessert?
A: Because she was stuffed!

Q: What has ears but cannot hear?
A: A cornfield!

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